Quick Fix Nvidia control panel missing options [ Update 2021 ]

Can’t find your Nvidia control panel on your desktop or laptop. This article will provide an easy fix for Nvidia control panel missing options. Nvidia is a GPU driver that is used by your computer to perform better and get that smooth gaming and other experiences.

Firstly, the Nvidia control panel lets you customize the settings suits your style and demand. But somehow you’ve recently discovered that the Nvidia control panel is missing from your computer and tray.

The reason behind the missing of the Nvidia control panel may be a corrupted graphic card driver, missing registry key issue, or the new update of Nvidia Graphics Card which is easy and quick to fix.

Quick & Easy fix to Nvidia control panel missing options

We’ve listed here a few processes to fix the missing Nvidia Control Panel as we have mentioned above. From easy to little advanced we have listed all the methods below. Try each method step by step to see which process works for you.

Note: We advise you to try every process to know which works for you. Some processes may work for some computers and some may not work for others. So we advise you to try each process till it works for you.

Process 1: Make Nvidia Control Panel Visible

While updating your Nvidia graphics card software new updates are made to the system which may result in changing the current settings from the default settings. Nvidia Geforce checks update regularly and if found any it will automatically update the system ( if you have not made any changes).

The driver may be hidden and not be shown due to the new updates to the system. So our first process is to show the hidden Nvidia control panel.

  • Open Run by pressing Windows + R and Go to Control Panel where our first process takes place.
  • Now that we are in Control Panel set view by large icon and search for Nvidia Control Panel and double click on it.
unhide the nvidia panel
Control Panel
  • Look for Desktop in the menu option in Nvidia Control Panel window. Then select Add desktop context menu and also select Show notification tray icon option.
Quick Fix Nvidia control panel missing options [ Update 2021 ]
  • After this the Nvidia Control panel must be visible by now.

This will work like a charm if your Nvidia control panel was hidden from your system. Check the methods below if Nvidia control panel is still missing.

Process 2: Restart the Nvidia Services

The process mentioned above will probably solve your problem. If the Nvidia control panel missing option is still a problem then we recommend you to try this process.

  • Open Run Box by pressing Windows + R . Now, type services.msc and press Enter button.
Quick Fix Nvidia control panel missing options [ Update 2021 ]
Run Box
  • A window will appear showing all the running services on your system. Look for Nvidia Services on the available list. Then, select every Nvidia Services one at a time and click on the Restart button on the left side. Click Start to run it if the service has not been started already.
how to fix nvidia missing options
Nvidia Container
  • After every step is completed restart your computer and see if Nvidia control panel missing option is available. If not then try the next method.

Process 3: Update Nvidia Graphic Card Drivers to the latest version

If by any chance you are not seeing the control panel yet then you should update your Graphics Card to the latest version available. You can easily update your graphics card driver. Follow the steps below.

  • Press Windows + X key at the same time. Then click on the Device Manager option.
  • Now, Device Manager will list up all the devices that are connected within your system. Now, search for Nvidia Graphic Card under Display Adapter. This will show the driver version that you currently have.
Quick Fix Nvidia control panel missing options [ Update 2021 ]
Driver update
  • Then Right-click on the NVIDIA Graphic card and click on Update Driver.
  • A new window will appear and two options will be available, then from the two available options choose Search automatically for updated driver software. 
  • Your system will automatically search for new drivers and install it if there is any newer version available.

This will update your Nvidia Graphics Driver to the newer version and will probably solve the problem. Updating the driver to the latest version will somehow solve the Nvidia control panel missing options. If this process didn’t solve your problem then we’ve another one for you.

Process 4: Solution from Nvidia Support

The methods that we’ve listed will mostly fix Nvidia control panel missing option. If you still don’t see the Nvidia Control Panel options then follow along with us. Here we are looking up with the solution provided by Nvidia’s official site.

Firstly, open My Computer then go to Local Disk (C). [ The system drive may vary according to the location you’ve installed your OS]

Then Follow these steps.

Program Files (x86) > NVIDIA Corporation > Display.Nvcontainer [ Program Files may vary ]

  • Here you will see a file named NVDisplay.Container.
Nvidia container
  • Now, copy this file by selecting and pressing Ctrl + C.
  • Go to the Startup folder by pressing the Windows+R key at the same time. Then Type shell:startup and Enter.
nvidia shell startup
  • A new startup folder will appear, now press Ctrl+V which will paste the NVDisplay.Container file that we have copied earlier.
  • Go to properties of NVDisplay.Container file by click right on the NVDisplay.Container and Properties.
missing options nvidia
  • In the Properties window click on the Compatability and then Run as administrative, tick the option to give access to admin rights to NVDisplay.Container. Then click on ok to apply these settings.

This will allow your Nvidia Driver to run as administrator which will give the full access.

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Complete every step carefully and then restart your computer to see the changes. Till this point, your problem must be solved. But we’ve noticed that dew people still face the Nvidia control panel missing options. If this method doesn’t work for you try the next one.

Process 5: Re-installing the Nvidia Graphics Card driver to fix the Nvidia control panel missing options

If you’ve reached here then we are pretty sure that your driver needs a reinstallation. Follow the steps carefully.

  • First of all, press Windows+X at the same time. Look for Device Manager option and click on it.
  • A new Device manager window will pop upon which we will work. Under this window search for Display Adapters and then expand it to see more of its sub-options.
  • Then, right-click on the Graphic card driver and select the uninstall option. Doing this will remove the graphic card drivers completely from your system and will give a fresh space for a new one to get installed.
nvidia missing options
  • Now you will need to install a new Nvidia Graphic Driver from the official site of Nvidia. Click Me to know about your driver
  • The above link will detect your GPU and it will be more easier to download the driver. Try to install the correct driver for your GPU.

After the installation is completed the installation guide will force you to restart. If you do not see the Nvidia control panel then you will have to re-install the Nvidia Control Panel to fix the Nvidia control panel missing options.

How to update to the latest version of Nvidia Driver?

Firstly identify the model of your graphics card by visiting the official site of Nvidia and check for the new updates. Then download the software package and install the newer version if you have any.

Process 6 : Reinstalling the Nvidia Control Panel

If none of the methods mentioned above will fix the Nvidia control panel missing options then the ultimate step will be to reinstall the driver from the scratch. Follow the steps below to reinstall Nvidia Graphics Driver:

  • Firstly, Press Window or Start and goto Settings.
  • Goto Apps and App & Features.
how to uninstall nvidia
  • Search for Nvidia Control panel and uninstall it if there is any available.

This is the last and only hope that you will get Nvidia control panel missing options. We hope that Nvidia Driver has shown up on your desktop. Since Nvidia is a driver that enables smooth gaming and ediitng performance. It may happen that the update of your driver is discontinued.

Does Nvidia Graphics Card get outdated?

Yes, Nvidia Graphics Card will get outdated. As Nvidia produces new and powerful graphics card frequently and new softwares demands more resources.

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