Download Spotify in Nepal | How to use Spotify in Nepal

Can I download Spotify in Nepal?

Yes! you can download Spotify in Nepal and use it to stream your favorite music.

How to use Spotify in Nepal for free?

You can use it for free and with one software you can get unlimited access to Spotify.

Why is Spotify still not available in Nepal? We’ve got you covered.

Spotify is a music streaming service with a huge library. Though it is available in many countries, it is still not available in Nepal. You can still use Spotify in Nepal using a VPN and can download it without any cost.

Spotify now has 248 million monthly active users (MAUs) and 113 million subscribers, with its paid user base growing 31% year-over-year. With Spotify on your device will make music a lot easier to listen to, that is to say, it saves you a lot of time finding your music of taste. Learn here how to download Spotify in Nepal.

To use Spotify on mobile devices follow the steps below :

Spotify for IOS devices

  • Then open VPN app and select USA as a country.
  • Now go to App Store.
  • Tap on your Account.
  • Tap on your account name and go to Country/Region.
  • Select any Country/Region where Spotify is available. ( Select USA )
  • For Billing address set ( Street : 1 , Street : 2 , State : New York , ZIP code : 1006 , Phone no : 123 – 4567890 )
  • Now Spotify will be available for download. Go to to App Store and search for Spotify and download it.
  • Now all you need to do is register or connect to facebook.

Note: You can only use Spotify without VPN for 14 days. After 14 days open vpn app and select USA and open spotify and you are good to go for next 14 days.)

download spotify in nepal

Spotify For Android

  • After download completes run the app and select any coutry where spotify is available. ( USA , Australia , France and more )
  • Now go to settings > apps > playstore > clear cache
  • Goto Play Store and search for Spotify and install it on your device
  • Log in via facebook or e-mail and turn off VPN.
  • You can listen to spotify for 14 days without any message but need to use vpn after 14 days prior.

Spotify for Windows

  • Download any free VPN or use windows built- in VPN . We have a guide to use click here : WINDOWS BUILT- IN VPN.
  • Select any country where Spotify is available. ( USA , Australia , France and more )
  • Goto Spotify official page and download the software. ( Spotify PC)
  • Also you can use Spotify web player too.

In short spotify will make your experience much fun. Maybe soon Spotify will expand their services in many countries. With less artist to join the platform they find hard to launch their service. As soon as artist number increases spotify will launch in Nepal.

When will Spotify launch in Nepal officially?

Spotify is expanding its services to different country as far as possible. Spotify has its own way of working with artist and songs.

Also, Spotify needs to have music streaming rights to be able to add new music to its library. The Nepali music industry is still not recognized on a large scale which is why Spotify is hinging back to launch in Nepal.

However, rumor is that Spotify will soon be launching in Nepal. It is said to be launched around the end of 2021.

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