How to download fifa 19 free?

Fifa 19 is a football game by ea sports. It is a multiplayer game. You can buy FIFA 19 for $39.99 . Paid version of this game provides you with online features like multiplayer, online saving, competition and much more however, you can download this game for free. Firstly paid games have software support and updates but it is not worth to buy while you can get the fun for free. We will show you how to download fifa 19 for free.

Please follow the steps along with us:

Step 1 :

First thing to do is download utoorent app if you don’t have. It is very easy and quick to download and takes 3 minutes to install. If you don’t know how to download uTorrent then check our article here : How to download utorrent .

Step 2 :

Now you need to download fifa 19. To begin download click button below :

download fifa 19

After clicking the image below a dialog box will appear on your browser. Click open utorrent then you will be prompted to uTorrent after you click on the link provided above.

Direct method :

You can download paid version of fifa 19 with some limited feature therefore, Softonic has given access to free fifa 19. Check their site from here:

Softonic games

Search for fifa 19 in this website and you will find the paid game (demo) for free also enjoy your game.

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