How to download free movies, software from torrent?

Torrent is effective tool to use if you don’t want to spend a lot of money buying software and movies. But many of us may not know how to use torrent. However, using torrent is a child’s play with few clicks you can get your favourite shows and software. Firstly all you need to do is get to know if torrent is safe. Torrent is legal but torrenting copyright material is totally illegal. If you feel unsecured then use VPN though it’s safe to use most of the time. It is easy to download free movies and software.

1 . Download uTorrent

Firstly, download a free torrent software. uTorrent is widely used and one of the most popular app used for torrent downloading. There are other application like Bittorrent but uTorrent works better. Download  uTorrent from here: Utorrent

Installation is easy and quick. Just click next and you are ready to rock.

2. Popular Torrent Sites

You can find many torrent sites on internet. Some provide great service while some are slow and inactive. Here are few torrent sites that are popular and fast and also responsive.

3.  Search for torrent files.

Secondly you need to  find the healthy torrent with good amount of seeder (Seeders are those which share their resources). Finding good seeders as a result will provide with faster download speed.Here you can see seeders and leechers however  you can see different in other sites.

how to download free movies and software
It shows seeders and leechers number.

If you download free movies and contents from torrent it will save you money. Contents may not be available instantly in torrent sites. But as soon as a content is available you will be able to download from it. Sometimes downloading copyrighted material from torrent can get you into some trouble.

To be safe use VPN. VPN provides an extra layer of security to your site. It hides your IP address. If you don’t know what IP address check our detailed blog post here: KNOW MY IP . It shows in detail about IP address.

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