Fix Gameloop lag for low end pc. [ Tested 2021 Fix ]

Quick fix gameloop lag for low end pc. There are many emulators to play PUBG mobile and yet gameloop is the best one. Firstly don’t be confused gameloop is the new Tencent Gaming Buddy. It is also an official PUBG mobile emulator for pc. The best way to play PUBG mobile on low-end pc is by using Gameloop android emulator.Quick fix gameloop lag for low end pc.

However, it does not meet the required performance and smooth gameplay. Also, it lags way too much which definitely affects your gameplay and skills. You can fix gameloop lag for low-end pc with few easy steps.

Here we consider low-end pc or laptop having less than 4 GB RAM and 512 MB Graphics card. If your device has higher specs then this then your device is medium or high-end pc.

However with few tweaks on gameloop settings you can get good fps. And also you can easily get around 30 fps which is fair for smooth gaming.

Here comes the easy solution to fix gameloop lag for low end pc.

Set the options available as below :

Open your Gameloop Buddy software and go to settings


  • In settings go to Engine
  • On rendering select OpenGL ( OpenGL is the best option when you have low specs.)
  • Check Render Cache ( Always put check mark on Render cache )
  • Check Enforce Global Render Cache ( Keep it on )
  • Uncheck Prioritize Dedicated GPU ( Uncheck this if you don’t have a dedicated graphics card )
  • Uncheck Rendering Optimization ( Also Uncheck this if you don’t have a dedicated graphics card )
fix gameloop lag for low end pc
  • Set Anti- aliasing – Close ( Set it close for better performance)
  • Memory – Set memory half of your available. ( If your RAM is 2GB select 1024MB, 3GB select 1536MB and if it is 4GB select 2048MB.
  • Processor – Set 2 ( Also Set half of your processor size like 2 if you have 4 ) To check your proceesor size click here : Processor Size Check
  • Resolution – 1024 x 576 ( or set your screen size i.e 1920x 1080 )
  • DPI – 160 ( 160 is best for sensitivity for your screen size. Hence, This is the best dpi for pubg emulator)
fix gameloop lag for low end pc


Now go to game options

  • Set Gaming Resolution to – SD 720P ( Default Gaming Resolution )
  • Display Quality – Smooth
fix gameloop lag for low end pc
Game settings

Find more on : Gameloop High End PC Settings

In Game Settings

  • For graphics set to Smooth ( Gives smooth graphics )
  • For Frame Rate set to Extreme ( It also Gives you more FPS)
Pubg in game garphic setting
In-game Graphics Settings

With all the settings tweaked you must get decent FPS. If you still you don’t get the good FPS then reinstall gameloop or clear the cache.

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