How to connect Galaxy fit watch to iPhone?

Samsung galaxy fit watch is one of the best fitness tracker watch available in the market. You’ve already had one and can’t figure how to connect galaxy fit watch to iPhone.

Firstly, Samsung Galaxy Fit watch only works on iOS 14 and above. If you’ve iPhone 6 and below then you are out of luck.

For connecting the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 to your iPhone you need 2 applications. Galaxy Fit for customizing and updating the device and Samsung Health to keep record of your activity.

So, to connect your galaxy band to iPhone turn on Bluetooth and connect to your band. After that open galaxy Fit app and start from there.

Galaxy fit

The galaxy fit app is used to connect your galaxy fit watch to your iPhone. This application allows you to connect both Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit 2 with your device. It is used to connect galaxy fit watch to iPhone.

You can customize the settings of your watch and appearance of the watch. ( Note : It only provides limited watch faces. )

galaxy fit watch

Here Galaxy Fit has following features:

  • Set Alarm.
  • Change Watch Faces.
  • Allow displaying weather and current location on your fitness watch.
  • Set Hand Wash Reminder.
  • Find your Band.
  • Turn on/off notification on your fitness watch.
  • Arrange widgets.
  • Turn on/off Vibration.
  • Adjust Screen Brightness
  • Set Screen Timeout.
  • Backup and Restore your Data.
  • Update Band software.
  • About Band.

Samsung Health

Samsung health is a tracker app by Samsung. Basically, it monitors your heartbeat, counts steps and much more.

While, Galaxy Fit is used to customize the band, Samsung Health is used as activity tracker. It records all your physical activity and monitors your health.

What are the features of Samsung Health?

  • Records your physical activity like steps, sports, and more.
  • Used to set customized exercises.
  • Measure calories and notify.
  • Sync with Samsung Health Server.
  • Compete with others who use Samsung devices.
  • Track your sleep.

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