Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal for free.

Get Payoneer MasterCard in Nepal for free. Making international transactions from Nepal is complicated. Also, only available for limited people. There are many online payment services available in Nepal like e-Sewa, Khalti, ime-pay, and more. However, you can’t purchase from an international platform. Hence, Amazon and other services are difficult to use.

What is Payoneer MasterCard?

Payoneer is a US-based financial service company that provides online money transaction services. It is currently available in 200 countries. Also, Payoneer is being use by many companies and is trustworthy.

It is a physical card that works like an ATM card. You can withdraw money from any ATM machine. Also, accept payment from many countries and is easy to apply for.

Can you use prepaid mastercard online?

Of Course, you can use your payoneer account mastercard online. It is easy and secure to use. Is is easy to make international online payment from nepal with Payoneer.

Documents required to get Payoneer MasterCard in Nepal.

  1. National ID ( Nagarikta )
  2. Passport / Driving License ( To verify your Identity )
  3. New G-mail ID.

Apply for GoLance.

Firstly, you need to create an account on Golance. It helps you to get your card for free without paying 30$. The most important thing is to use the same email address for both Golance and Payoneer. After creating Golance account go-to payment method and select Payoneer and select next. Then You’ll be redirected to the Payoneer page.

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How to setup Payoneer Mastercard for Nepal?

How to setup Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal

1. Getting Sarted – Enter your full Name, Date of Birth, and same e-mail address used in GoLance.

2. Contact Details – Set country to Nepal. Enter your address with Postal code. Also, remember to enter your postal code correctly or search on the internet. Then enter your phone number. Click Send code and enter it to verify.

3. Security Details – Enter your e-mail ID and set password. Also, select the security question and set it.

4. Almost Done – Now, Enter you National ID number ( Nagarikta Number) and agree to all Terms and Conditions. Click Order.

After completing all the steps mentioned above login with your e-mail and password. Afterward, you’ll be asked to set security questions. Set them up with your preference. Then, you’ll receive a verification message on your Gmail. Login to your Gmail and verify your account.

How to verify Payoneer Mastercard account Nepal?

How to verify Payoneer Mastercard account in Nepal?

Total Time: 5 minutes

National ID Verification

Upload your National Id Front and Back side either by scanning or by taking picture.

Address Verification

To verify your address you need passport or your driving license. Upload any of them both sides.


Make sure to recheck your address and put the address where you are currently staying.

The verification process can take 7-9 business days. Please keep patience till then. After your card arrives then activate it from your profile. If your account is still not verified then contact customer service. Also, feel free to contact us if you have any issues to activate or create an account.

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