How to reset my laptop ( Windows 10 )?

If you are using your laptop for some time then you probably feel that it is getting slower then you’ve bought at first. Your laptop speeds get slower with time. One of the best solution to fix this issue is by refreshing it or resetting. What if I reset my laptop and I lost all my important documents files and apps. Worry not there are many ways to reset your laptop.

Easy method

  • Open Settings from windows start.
  • On settings go to update and security.
  • Then select recovery option from left option bar.
How to reset my laptop ( Windows 10 )?
  • Then click on get started which you’ll find below Reset this PC

You will be prompted to another screen. If you want to keep all the files then select Keep all my Files else select other options. You can visit Microsoft’s official page for more info about the windows version. Click here: MICROSOFT WINDOWS UPDATE

It takes some time to wipe your laptop. After the setup completes enter the previous password of your device. You can also face problems if your drivers are not updated. Enjoy a smooth laptop like a new one.

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