How to use windows free VPN built-in ?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which allows to create secure connection to other network. Sometimes you need to access information from internet that is not accessible from your country or region. However, it sucks to not get access to contents that are not available for your region may suck. So you may need to use a third-party VPN app.Do you know about windows free VPN? But downloading a third party app to use VPN sucks. That is why windows free VPN comes handy. Though it may not provide the security that is provided by other vpn services it works quite well to get access to contents from internet. Here is how you can use Windows built in VPN.

Here is how you can do it.

Step 1 :

  • Goto your browser (i.e Google chrome , microsoft edge) or whatever browser you have.
widows free vpn
Free vpn

Step 2 :

  • Without exiting the browser goto windows settings.
  • Goto to Network & Internet.
  • Navigate to VPN and you will find this options.
Setup windows free VPN
How to find free vpn

Step 3 :

  • Now select add a VPN connection.
  • Put the settings as shown in below image :
setup windows fee vpn
How to setup vpn
  • VPN Provider : Windows built-in.
  • Set Connection Name : as you prefer.
  • Server Name or Address : Copy any server name like highlighted below from your browser’s login page.
  • VPN Type : Point to Point Tunneling Protocol ( PPTP )
  • Type of sign-in info : User name and password
  • User name : Enter from you login free vpnbook
  • Password : Enter from free vpnbook
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It shows seeders and leechers number.

VPN can also hide your IP address however windows built in vpn is somehow safe. If you want to know about ip address and hiding it check : Know my ip. It will be best practise if you use VPN while surfing anonymously. It helps to protect your identity from others and maintain secure connection on a network. Be safe and surf internet with extra layer of security.

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