Pro Overwatch Settings for Best Performance [Ultra Performance]

Not much of players realize that how Overwatch Settings can impact your gameplay. Default settings are there for beginners and newbies.

If there is any magic trick that makes you better at Overwatch then this is it. On most of the games the settings that you set up impacts the performance. Keep in mind that professionals and streamers tweak settings and are able to play better.

The majority of these settings are found from streamers and professionals. This setting will work for most of the players as it is community-based. However, if it does not work for you then worry not with a little practice and focus you will definitely get better.


Overwatch video settings will improve the gameplay by 35% which is very big improvement. However, it totally depends upon your device specification

Videos settings for Overwatch plays a major role in fps. Better FPS means better accuracy and better response time. We have filtered out the Overwatch best performance settings.

overwatch video settings
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Display Mode : Borderless Windowed

Target Display : Monitor 1

Resolution : Monitors Native Resolution ( i.e 1920 x 1080 )

Field of View : 103 ( Lower if you find Pixelated Image )

Aspect Ratio : 16 : 9


Triple Buffering : Off

Reduce Buffering : On

Display Performance Stats : On

Advanced Performance Stats –

Show Framerate : On

Show GPU Temperature : On

Show VRAM Usage : Off

Show Network Latency : On

Show Network Interpolation Delay : Off

Display System Clock : On

Limit FPS : Display- Based

Graphic Quality : Epic

Advanced –

Render Scale : 100%

Texture Quality : High

Texture Filtering Quality: Low – 1x

Local Fog Detail : Low

Dynamic Reflections : Off

Shadow Details : Ultra

Model Detail : Medium

Effects Details : Low

Lighting Quality : Low

Anti Alias Quality : High – SMAA Medium

Refraction Quality : Low

Screenshot Quality : 1X Resolution

Local Reflection : Off

Ambient Occlusion : Off

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Controls ( overwatch settings )

Controls are very customizable on Overwatch Settings. It is mostly how you use your keyboard and mouse to control the character.

Although it is super customizable you need to set up these settings which will definitely lift up your gaming skills. Small settings like crosshair and mouse sensitivity can have a huge impact on your game.

However most of these settings are customized on your own preference.


Sensitivity : 3.05

Invert Look : Off


Horizontal Sensitivity : 30

Vertical Sensitivity : 10


Type : Crosshair


Allied Health Bars : On ( Rely on for better performance )

Remaining keyboard controls can be set as default or as you prefer.

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As you may know how important is sound while gaming. Hearing every details is very important while gaming.

Do yourself a favor and buy a good quality of headphone. A good quality headphones and your customized sound will surely improve hearing and spot enemies easily.

Master Volume : Set as required

Voice Chat Volume : 100

Voice Chat Mic Volume : 80

Sound Plays while in Background : On

Group Voice Chat : On

Team Voice Chat : Auto Join

Match Voice Chat : On

Voice Chat Mode : Push to Talk

Voice Chat Devices : Default Devices

Playback Device : Default

Dolby Atmos for Headphones : On ( Turn it on for better sound experience)

Ovewatch Gameplay Settings

Change in gameplay settings in overwatch settings are not crucial. However, the game will be more easier to play.

Always Skip Kill Cam : Off

Kill Feed Display : On

Skirmish While Searching : Off

Achievement Display : UI

Network Quality Notification : On

Limit Client Send Rate : Off

Limit Server Send Rate : Off

Tips Display : Off

Show Capture Play Of The Game UI : On

Overwatch League Score Spoilers : On

Waypoint Opacity : 25 ( Onscreen will show you the difference

Crosshair Overwatch settings

crosshair settings for overwatch
Do not follow the picture

Dot Settings for Overwatch

Outline Opacity : 80 – 100

Dot size : 3 – 4

Dot Opacity : 80- 100

Crosshair Setting for overwatch

Thickness :1

Center Gap : 7 – 10

Outline Opacity : 50

Dot opacity : 50

Crosshair Length : 5 – 7

Opacity : 80

Dot Size : 2

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