Top 5 free photo editing apps for iOS and android on 2021

There are plenty of free photo editing apps on the internet. Also finding the perfect one which is free, easy, and has many editing options is hard to find. However, much giant tech companies like google are also providing it for free. As it is free to use there is a certain limitation on using it.

Worry! not here we are with you to help you get the best free photo editing app. Instead of you We’ve tested and tried out different free editing apps available on the internet to save you some time and hassle. Make your photo Instagram ready. Also if you are searching free editing apps then why not try these.

Here we will give you our best selection. We may have missed some but these are the powerful free photo editor available till the date.

TOP 5 free photo editing apps.

1. Snapseed

Available on : Android and iOS | Free

Snapseed is a mobile photo editing software developed by google. It provides an advanced environment to edit photos like a pro with its advanced features.

With simple user interface it is easy to use and has a number of filters to use also create your own. Snapseed is completely free software by google.

free photo editing app
Snapseed UI

Download from here : iOS | Android

Features of Snapseed
  • Tune image
  • Structure and Sharpness
  • HDR Scape
  • Optimized Filters
  • Work on composition
  • Adjust color balance
  • Quick Edit
  • Healing tool
  • Selective editing
  • Quick recovery

2. Pixlr Online / Offline

Available on : Android & iOS | Free

Pixlr online is the popular photo editor at the moment. It is easy to use with its creative UI and is free and comes with not any fees.

Pixlr online/offline has both online and offline services. You can use pixlr on any web browser. However, using offline mode might give you an extra edge.

pixlr free online editor
Pixlr UI

Download from here : iOS | Android

Features of Pixlr Online / Offline:
  • Effects
  • Layers
  • Color Replace
  • Brushes
  • Adjustments
  • Image Retouching
  • Filters
  • Object Transform

  • Texts & Fonts
  • Photo Collage
  • Magic Wand
  • Digital Painting
  • Lasso
  • Digital Inking
  • Eraser

3. Picsart

Available on : iOS and Android | Free

Picsart is an american free photo editing app. It has popular options like Sketch, Canvas, Drip, Glitch, and Magic effects, iMessage stickers, Doodle Art trend, and more.

You can edit, draw or create collage on Picsart. Some part of it requires purchase but you can do pretty much with it’s free version. Change background or just aplly filter. It’s easy and it’s free to use.

free picsart photo editor
Free photo editor

Download From here : iOS | Android

Features of PicsArt :
  • Dispersion
  • Stickers
  • Change Background
  • Collage
  • Color tools
  • Effects and Filter
  • Draw Lines
  • Create overlays
  • Create a mask

4. Adobe Lightroom ( Free photo editing tool )

Available on : iOS and Android | Free

Adobe Lightroom is a free photo editing tool developed by adobe.It is a powerful tool to use. Also, it is available for all device be it iOS, android or windows. Simple and yet powerful tools come handy to edit your photo.

Adobe is the best photo editor when it comes to editing photo. Play with different colors with adobe lightroom. Take step further with adobe.

Adobe lightroom free
Adobe Lightroom

Download Here: iOS | Android

Features of Adobe Lightroom
  • Create presets
  • Quick save
  • Healing brushes
  • Filter
  • Lights preset
  • Adjustment

5. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

Available on : Android & iOS | Free

Another free product by Adobe which is lite and convenient to use. It is a sister product of adobe photoshop. As it word sound express which means you can edit photo online on yr browser as well.

It is quiet powerful to edit photos. A free photo editing tool with adobe support.

Adobe photoshop express
Adobe photoshop express

Download From here: iOS | Android

Features of Adobe photoshop Express:
  • Remove red-eye
  • Crop images
  • Pop-color tool
  • Resize images
  • Quality maintenance
  • Cutomization

To be noted this app may come with in-app purchases however, basic and powerful tools are available for free. You can still use free photo editing tools without any purchases made.

These free photo editing software will come handy with basics to intermediate photo editing.

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