10 Amazing Xbox one games for girls [Best of 2021]

We have the best Xbox one games for girls that will make you spend more time in front of your TV. The trend of gamer girls is on the hype. If you have an Xbox One console then there are lots of titles that you will enjoy playing.

We have listed the best top 10 amazing Xbox one games for girls. To maintain the exclusive fun we have listed games from different genres. If you are a guy then this list may help to find the best Xbox games for your girlfriend.

Best Xbox One games for girls 2021

Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest is a single-player adventure video game available on Xbox. It is supposed to be the best Xbox one games for girls. Developed by Moon Studios and published by Microsoft this game delivers a highly anticipated gaming platform.

Ori is a the protagonist and the main character you play as in the game. You are left alone in the forest and he has to return to his home and save the forest. The levels are well designed and challenging. Firstly, you’ll see the game becoming more challenging and fun as you stair to the higher level.

The character which resembles a fox gives a new gaming experience. With a suspenseful gaming experience, you will probably drain your day on this game. You will experience a different style of gameplay.

xbox one games for girls

 This game has been awarded The Game Award for Best Art Direction, BAFTA Games Award for Artistic Achievement. It has been rated 10/10 on Steam and 4.8/5 on instantgaming.

As far as we know Ori and the Blind forest has a sequel which is Ori and the Will of the Wisps. However, we still recommend you to try Ori and the Blind Forest.


Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer shooting game available on Xbox. It is developed by Blizzard Entertainment and Galaxy. This game has highly optimized graphics and gameplay. As the game was published on 2015 which seems to be more for the game to lose its player.

It provides you with seven different game modes on which 4 of them are regular competitive or quick play ( Assault, Escort, Hybrid, Control). The remaing are Capture the Flag, Deathmatch and Elimination.

xbox games for girls overwatch

There are altogether 32 playable characters on Overwatch which includes heroes and their supporting characters. This is a 6v6 team battle with maps selected on the list of 30 across the game.

Lastly, Overwatch is a game which offers heavy gaming experiencea and better quality.

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Shadow of the Tomb Raider : Best Xbox One games for girls

Tomb Raider is an action-adventure game that is loaded with fully optimized gameplay and sequence. Developed by  Crystal Dynamics on September 12, 2018 this game is the sequel of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

This title lets you explore the world with the vision to achieve excellence in the gaming industry. Without playing any side mission you will be able to complete the game within 20 hours. However to enjoy the game fully explore the vast area of Tomb Raider.

best xbox game for girl adventure

Being a adventure game this is the one of the best Xbox One games for girls. Playing this games give you different vision on the story of Lara Croft which will discover new truth and secrets.

Life is Strange 2

Life is Strange 2 is a sequel of Life is Strange which is an adventure game in an episodic structure. Developed by  Dontnod Entertainment, Feral Interactive on September 26, 2018 runs on Unity engine. The unity engine is famous for its high-quality content creation.

Life is Strange features the episodic gameplay in which players are advanced to next episode of a complete season. It is a sequel as well as standalone too.

life is strange 2 xbox games

However, this game lacks in meeting the high user experience in terms of gameplay.

LEGO Worlds

Lego Worlds is a single/multiplayer lego-based game designed and developed by Traveller’s Tales and published by Warner Bros. This game is basically build, build and build. Rated 7/10 on Steam this game has everything to construct and conquer.

In Lego Worlds, you can build construction in a 3D generated world. Released on March 7, 2017, this game delivers the best sandbox version game for girls who like to play games on their Xbox One.

lego world for girls

Lego Worlds was proced 25$ intially however the price may have dropped as it is aged game. The player is rewarded with studs which is in-game currency used in Lego Worlds.

You can build anything you want on this game however developer has said that the player has to be master builder to upgrade the large construction area.

The Sims 4

If you like to play a simulation game that gives you the feel of real-life then The Sims 4 is the best option available. The Sims 4 is developed by Maxis , The Sims Studio on September 2, 2014 which is the fourth title of The Sims.

The main objective of this game is to build a family and its tree known as Sims. It replicates the real-life of the player or how you plan it. Enjoy the game and live the virtual life as you want. Therefore, you can simulate what you desire.

The sims 4 girls xbox game

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

The legendary Crash Bandicoot is ready to make you nostalgic. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is the remaster of their first three series. It is developed by Toy for Bob on June 30, 2017.

With the emrging trend of gaming Crash Bandicoot delivers the excellent platform gaming experience. It is a single player game however it suports multiplayer gaming in some modes.

bandicoot girl game

Definitely check your childhood strategy with the evergreen game Crash Bandicoot. One of the best Xbox one games for girls.

Rayman Legends :

The final title in the Rayman series developed by UBISOFT on August 29, 2013, brings you the exciting game of the year. It is a platform game where you go on a mission through the forest.

Make your way by running, jumping and massacring the herds. With the smooth and simple gameplay you will enjoy Rayman Legends . A title worth to play for girls and boys.

rayman legend for girls

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NBA 2K20

Those who love basketball have good news. NBA 2K20 is a basketball game that has the uniqueness of the digital simulation basketball experience. When it comes to girls’ games for Xbox one it covers a wide variety of games.

NBA 2K20 is developed by Visual Concepts on August 21, 2019. It has a rating of 6/10 on Steam and 4.5 on Google Play. This is loaded with many features like :

  • 100,000 Virtual Currency.
  • 50,000 MyTEAM Points.
  • 20 MyCAREER Skill Boosts.
  • MyPLAYER Clothing Capsule.
  • MyPLAYER Apparel Collection.
  • MyPLAYER Shoe Collection
games for girls xbox one

However NBA 2K20 consists of 68 teams including the classic squads. The controls of the game is smooth and on the point.

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Injustice 2: Best Xbox One Games for Girls

Injustice 2 is DC production which is the second line of Injustice League. This game was developed by NetherRealm Studios, QLOC on May 11, 2017.

You have the option to select the character from 28 characters. Play as your favorite DC character, be it Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, or others. Defeat the enemies squad with the superpower of your mighty character.

injustice 2 best xbox games for girls

Brace yourself and enter the tournament cause something big is coming up. You are the one who provides justice to the world.

Hereby, the titles mentioned above are worth a try if you love to play game. Each and every game has its unique representation.

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