How to invest in bitcoin in Nepal? [2021 Easy Explained]

Bitcoin is virtual money stored digitally, which is known as cryptocurrency. It does not have any physical structure.
Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency available in the market.

Are you wondering, how to invest in bitcoin in Nepal? Its uses are to purchase goods, services and trading. It is not centralized by an organization or government.

Bitcoin is estimated to grow its market value continuously. There are currently 18,479,543.75 bitcoins in existence.

Bitcoin is somewhat risky because it can be hacked and stolen.

How to invest in bitcoin in Nepal?

Bitcoin can be earned through many ways. It can be mined, sell and receive and transferred. You can sell your products online and receive payment in bitcoin.

There are platforms in Nepal that provide bitcoin wallet service. You can create an account and buy bitcoin from their website. We have three platforms on how to invest in bitcoin in Nepal.


Localbitcoin is an international bitcoin trading platform and sign up is free. Because it is international platform finding Nepali seller is hard to find.

You need to check daily to see if anyone is selling bitcoin from Nepal.

Payments can be made from western union money transfer. Read terms and condition carefully before purhcasing bitcoin.


Bitsewa is a local platform that provides crytpocurrency service in Nepal.It is the Nepal’s first Bitcoin company and the most popular digital assets exchange, supporting many blockchain tokens include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash.

They provide services to buy and sell your bitcoin.

Create free account now to start buying and selling bitcoin. They provide you with a wallet which you can use to instantly load and withdraw fund

The best part of Bitsewa is that you can use esewa to load and withdraw money from it. Add bank account and transfer you money directly to bank.

Bitsewa is backed by its customer.


Paxful is one the safe place to get your bitcoin. More than 20,000 trades are done regualarly on paxful.

You are not going to get scammed because of it is a P2P crypto model. Their wallet service is top notch and secured. Become a member now.

It allows wide range of payment methods. However , you can use Skrill in Nepal because of no international payment gateway available in Nepal.

Connect your Skrill account to eSewa and make the purchase or sell your bitcoin instantly.

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Bitcoin price in Nepal

Currently 1 Bitocin values Rs.1,172,952.49 in Nepal. Yes, it is expensive but you can buy less then 1 bitcoin.

The market value of bitcoin will rise and fall. The following chart will show you the correct information.

bitcoin price in Nepal

Look how Bitcoin price seemlessly dropped and started to rise again. This is how the bitcoin market works. Sudden change in economic growth and crisis affects the prce of bitcoin.

The best time to buy bitcoin is when it monetary value is less.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to invest in bitcoin in Nepal?

  • Is bitcoin illegal in nepal?

    bitcoin illegal in nepal

    Yes, It is illegal on 2020 to trade bitcoin in Nepal. Nepal Rastra Bank Act and the 2019 Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, Nepal Rastra Bank has officially declared Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as illegal forms of financial tender. Police has arrested few people who violated the rule.

  • 1 Bitcoin costs in Nepal (2020)

    In Nepal 1 Bitcoin market value is Rs. 1,172,952.49 on 2020. It fluctuate frequently .

  • How to earn bitcoin in Nepal?

    Sell your product and take bitcoin as payment. But you will rarely find anyone who pays on bitcoin.

  • Is bitcoin mining in Nepal possible?

    It is possible but practically it is impossible because it takes a year or so to mine 0.01 bitcoin. the cost of mining is higher than bitcoin itself.

  • Bitcoin exchange rate

    To know the latest rate of bitcoin always use google because its price fluctuates frequently.

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