An error occurred installing ios|iPhone 7/8/9/XR

If your phone is slowing or lagging then an update can fix your problem. However, if you are getting errors like “An error occurred installing ios” then this article will be helpful to you.

Is your iPhone device updated to the latest version?

Are you struggling to update your iPhone to the latest available version?

Here, we have talked about solving the ” An error occurred installing iOS ” problem that is faced by many iPhone users.

Charge Your Phone above 50%

First thing you need to do before updating is to charge your phone above 50%. If your phone is not charged to the required portion then the update will not even start.

It is required to charge your phone above 50% so that the iPhone won’t turn off during the update. This is to make sure that your device does not gets damaged.

Your phone will notify you to charge the phone before starting the process to update the iPhone. It is recommended to let your phone plugged into a power source while updating.

Restart the iPhone

The classic move to solve any problem is to restart the device. Sometimes restarting a device can solve this issue.

Most of the time a simple restart can fix the problem. Restart the device and try to update the phone.

If the error still occurs then try the next step.

Free Up Storage & fix “An error occurred installing ios”

Firstly to download and install the update you must have free space. Your iPhone must have storage where it can download the files that are required for the installation process.

So, check the storage before updating your phone. To check your storage

  • Goto Settings > General > iPhone Storage
ios install error

Here you will be able to see the available storage. Check if you have sufficient storage available. If you don’t have free space then the process won’t be able to start.

So, you can delete/ transfer to pc/ upload to cloud storage. Make sure to free up the required space for the downloaded files.

Here is how you can purchase iCloud Storage.

Remove passcode temporarily

If none of the above methods worked for you then try to disable your password. Many forums have discussed that disabling password till update complete has helped them a lot.

To disable password

  • Settings > Touch ID & Passcode
  • Disable iPhone Unlock
  • Turn Passcode Off

Now restart your device and try to update your device to the latest version.

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Turn off Network ( Wifi )

If your phone is connected to any network then disconnect it immediately. Also, disable the passcode and turn off the phone simultaneously.

After that start the phone and try to update the phone. Until this time error ” An error occurred installing ios ” will be fixed.

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