Where to Buy Pubg UC in Nepal at the cheapest price?

Buying Pubg UC in Nepal is quite not possible with the payment option available in Nepal. Also, you cannot make the purchase directly from the game.
Buy how to buy PUBG Mobile UC in Nepal? However, you can buy that cool skin with this easy method.
Worry not here are few way you can buy PUBG Mobile UC from Nepal.

How to buy PUBG UC in Nepal

1. Kunyo.co

Kunyo.co is Nepal’s one of the best online gaming product platform. They provide PUBG UC as well as other game top-ups. They provide UC at price starting from Rs. 130. Also, They are genuine sites to buy UC from. Visit kunyo.co now to purchase UC.

To make purchase you need to send you player id and nickname.

2. Buy Gift Card Nepal

Buy gift cards Nepal is a similar site like kunyo. However, it is not as popular as them but is a reliable site to buy UC from. They also sell UC in a bunch of packages.

Price list is as follow:

UC 70 + 4 = Rs. 200
UC 210 + 11 = Rs. 500
UC 700 + 70 = Rs. 1450
UC 1750 + 263 = Rs. 3600
UC 3500 + 700 = Rs. 7000
UC 7000 + 1750 = Rs. 14000.

To make purchase visit buygiftcardsnepal.

3. Facebook Page ( Buy PUBG UC Nepal )

Many sellers have joined Facebook and started their business from there. Although, there are many fake pages that promise to give good service and end up conning you. Also, there are many other pages that keep those promises. We have a list of some pages that are trust-worthy.

  1. PUBG UC Store Nepal
  2. Buy Gift Card For PUBG UC in Nepal
  3. Gaming Sansar

They are genuine sites which provide UC in reasonable price in Nepal.

Can I hack PUBG Mobile UC?

No, there is no way you can hack PUBG Mobile UC. The security is so strong and they monitor every transaction. So , it is impossible to hack UC.

Is it safe to buy UC from Facebook?

Yes, if the page or provider is genuine and reviews are good.

Can I buy PUBG UC with Debit card?

NO, if you have Nepali Card then you cannot proceed the payment.

Can i buy UC with google gift cards?

Yes, you can buy it.

If you want to make purchase using you own card then you can create Payoneer Mastercard for free.

Visit here : Get my own MasterCard for free

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