Gameloop PUBG settings for high end pc

Gameloop is the powerful engine previously known as Tencent Gaming Buddy. Still, the default setting will not give satisfactory performance. This is the best gameloop pubg settings for high end pc.

It is the best emulator to play PUBG mobile on pc. However, it consumes more resources of your device. This is one of the best gameloop pubg settings for high end pc.

With few tweaks in settings you can get awesome performance and get 30+ FPS on your game.

Basic Setting

Basic gameloop setting for high end pc.

  • General
    • Un-check run at startup
    • Check Hide Advanced Watermark
    • Check voice chat with friends
    • Google installer

Leave Boss Key, Screen Capture, Language, Download Mode default.

Basic settings does not improve the performance. However, it helps on fast boot up by restricting gameloop to start immediately after turning on the pc.

Download Gameloop from the official site.

Gameloop PUBG settings for high end pc
Basic Settings for Gameloop


  • Rendering
    • Smart Mode ( Switches to powerful GPU )
    • Check Render Cache
    • Check Enforce Global Render Cache
    • Enable Prioritize Dedicated GPU
    • Enable Rendering Optimization
  • Anti-aliasing
    • Ultimate
  • Memory
    • Auto
  • Processor
    • Auto
  • Resolution
    • Your screen size ( 1020 x 1080 )
  • DPI
    • 160
  • Playback
    • Speaker ( Default )
  • Recording
    • Microphone ( Default )

Changing the settings on engine will increase the performance of gameloop.

For low end device :- Gameloop Low End Pc setting

Gameloop PUBG settings for high end pc
Engine Settings for Gameloop


  • Gaming Resolution
    • HD 1080P ( For high-performance compuers with GTX 660 or high) — Recommended
    • Ultra HD 2K ( for top- performance with GTX 1060 or higher)
  • Display Quality
    • HD

Gameloop PUBG settings for high end pc
Game settings for Gameloop

Tencent has been updating the emulator to increase the performance. However, the application itself is not balanced yet.

Even with the perfect tweaks on settings you may still fix lag issues.

In-game Gameloop PUBG settings for high end pc

  • Graphics
    • HDR or select the highest option available on your device.
  • Frame Rate
    • Extreme

HDR+ will give the best graphics and detailed improvements.

Extreme frame rate will give you smooth gameplay.

gameloop high end pc settings
Graphics Settings for PUBG Mobile

These are the settings that will increase your gameloop performance. Try tweaking with settings if one does not works best for you. But, most of the time it will work. The best thing you can do to increase the performance is to upgrade your Hard Disk to SSD.

As SSD reads and writes data faster than hard disk this will surely improve your performance.

Which is the best emulator to play PUBG mobile on laptop?

Gameloop is the best emulator available to play pubg mobile on laptop. It is the most stable emulator.

Alternative emulator of gameloop?

Bluestack is one of the best alternative of gameloop emulator.

Are Tencent gaming buddy and game loop the same?

Yes Tencent and Gameloop are same. Tencent gaming buddy changed its name to Gameloop.

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