Gameloop best setting for Call of Duty mobile [ 2021 updated ]

Call of Duty mobile is a battle royale game developed by Tencent Gaming released in 2019. It is one of the famous mobile game generating over US$327 million with 250 million downloads by June 2020. Gameloop best setting for Call of Duty mobile.

However, this game is available for pc on Gameloop. Both PUBG mobile and Call of Duty mobile are battle royale game developed by Tencent Gaming.

Gameloop is the best emulator to play mobile games especially COD mobile. However, the performance is not as expected as it should be. The game may lag or the graphics is not as satisfying as you play it on mobile device.

Therefore, we have found a settings to fix Call of Duty Mobile lag.

The first thing to consider before changing the settings is to look for updates. Always update both Gameloop and Call of Duty Mobile to the latest version available.

Basics Setting

  • General
    • Un-check run at startup
    • Check Hide Advanced Watermark
    • Check voice chat with friends
    • Google installer

Other settings should be default under basic settings. However, it will not affect your gaming performance but will decrease the startup load on your computer. This will help to make your computer boot faster by not starting gameloop when the computer is just started.

This is Gameloop best setting for Call of Duty mobile.

Gameloop best setting for Call of Duty mobile


  • Rendering
    • Smart Mode
    • Check Render Cache
    • Check Enforce Global Render Cache
    • Uncheck Prioritize Dedicated GPU [ Only enable if you have any dedicated graphics card ]
    • Enable Rendering Optimization
  • Anti-aliasing
    • Close
  • Memory
    • Auto
  • Processor
    • Processor Core divided by 2 [ Example if you have 4 core then select 2 ]
    • To check your processor open My PC, then right-click and properties.
Gameloop cod mobile lag fix

Engine settings will boost your performance around 80 percentage. Always check your current Call of Duty Mobile version to the latest.

All the important hardware and software related settings are found under engine. If the above settings does not works for your pc then change the preference.

Try changing the values and see if it fits your computer.


  • Gaming Resolution
    • SD [ If you do not have any dedicated graphics card ]
    • HD [ If you have any dedicated graphics card ]
  • Display Quality
    • Smooth [ Select smooth for Smooth FPS ]
cod mobile lag fix pc

Gaming resolution and display quality are the main feature for smooth gaming and getting that butter smooth FPS.

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  • Audio & Graphics
    • Graphics
      • Medium
    • Frame Rate
      • Very High
      • MAX
  • Depth of Field
    • Default
    • Default
  • Bloom
    • Default
  • Anti- Aliasing
    • Default
  • Shadows
    • OFF
COD mobile gameloop settings

Keep updating you drivers to the latest version. Also, don’t forget to update gameloop and Call of Duty Mobile to the latest version.

Download the latest version of gameloop. I recommend to play tencent games on gameloop as far it is the best emualtor.

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