Connect Ps4 controller to FIFA 19/20/21

If you are searching for how to connect PS4 controller to FIFA 19 or any version of FIFA then you are at the right place. FIFA 19/20/21 are designed to support controller which enable smooth control of the game.

Connecting the DUALSHOCK 4 controller to your FIFA games is much easier and simpler. With a PS4 controller, you will get a mind-blowing experience compared to a regular USB controller.

What is required to connect the Ps4 controller to FIFA 19/20/21?

Connect Ps4 controller to FIFA 19 cracked or CPY version

Who pays for the game that can be freely downloaded from the internet. Yes, Fifa 19 is available for free ( cracked ). If you don’t own FIFA 19 already then visit how to download FIFA 19 for free.

Firstly, to connect Dualshock Controller also known as Ps4 Controller you’ll need DS4 windows software. Ds4 Windows is a portable software that lets you connect your controller to the pc.

Step 1 – Press the Ps button + Share button on your Ps4 controller ( Dualshock Controller ) at the same time for 5 seconds. Press till the light bar starts blinking.

Step 2 – Connect your controller to PC turning on Bluetooth and adding New device to your system.

Step 3 – Open Ds4 Windows Program from the Download or installed folder.

Step 4 – Mostly the Ds4 Windows will automatically set up every presets and the light bar will glow either red or blue.

Note : If your controller’s light bar does not glows then go to Ds4 Windows and press Start Button below.

ds4 settings to control ps4 controller for fifa 19
Press start button.

Till now your Ps4 Controller must have been connected to a PC and is compatible with FIFA 19. Ps4 controller will give haptic feedback which normal USB joystick will not be capable.

Use x360 if you still are facing problem in game with negative control issue. This will help to connect ps4 controller to FIFA 19 inside the game.

Ps4 controller for Origin and Steam

PS4 controller can be easily paired with both Origin and Steam if you have installed Ds4 windows. Most of the games from Steam and Origin library will support the games.

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